• London Acoustic Guitar Show

    London Acoustic Guitar Show

    We will be exhibiting at this year's London Acoustic Guitar Show on 13th & 14th September. Come a long and say hi. We are on stand D6. http://www.londonacousticguitarshow.com/

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  • Al Webster

    Colin James / Amanda Marshall

  • alex landenburgpol

    Axxis /
    Mekong Delta

    “With the Rimma® stick holder I simply feel safer on stage. It doesn't matter if a stick breaks or I drop one...there's always another one right in front of me so I really never miss a beat!”

  • bob knight


    “Stageworks gear is beautifully thought out, beautifully presented and great value for money. It just works!”

  • Brendan Buckley

    Shakira / JJ Lin

  • chelsey bamford

    Independent /
    craig david

    “Handy and easier to access and use than any other stick holder”

  • chris lloyd hayden florence and the Machine

    “The Rimma® is a stroke of genius. It is one of those ideas that you can't believe you've lived without!”

  • chris sharrock beady eye
  • Dave-LaGrande

    performs with
    Heidi Newfield

  • Dean-Hendy


    "A device thats so simple but very important to my set-up, I never leave home without it"

  • Denis-maranin

    "Owing a lot to the StageWorks Non-Slip Mat. The problem with slipping drum pedals is now solved in seconds. A simple and great invention "

  • Edin Hadzagic


  • Hadouken


  • Harry Jones


    " A clever and simple device that should be an essential addition to every drum kit"

  • ingo marte


    “Stick With It”

  • jackson leach

    sophie ellis

    “I have never found a good place to put my sticks. The Rimma® is the perfect solution, it looks wicked too!”

  • Kenny Jones smallfaces

    Faces, The Who

    “The Rimma is one of the most simple and long awaited devices to come into the Drum/Percussion market for years. Well Done I NEED MORE”

  • Kimball Hooker

    Kimball Hooker

  • Kostas-Vretos

    Guitarist for

  • Kevin Smart

    Jake Miller

  • Marco


  • neil-jones

    Skunk Anansie

  • neil-jones

    Kim Wilde /
    Cee Lo Green

    “The G-stand gives me one less thing to worry about!”

  • Nigel Glockler


  • orestis-nalmpantis

    Mavri Magioneza/
    Genna apo Kwlo/

    "Slippery stages?No stand to leave you guitar on stage? Well not anymore for me, thanks to stageworks mat and the g stand!"

  • Piwee-Desfray


  • Rafeel-Barata
  • Richard Lainegard

    Richard Lainegard

    "Thanks to Stageworks I now have a clean, easy solution that not only works tons better than grimy old duck tape, but also looks professional"

  • robin guy

    faith no more /
    bruce dickinson /
    sack trick

    “I just know that it’s gonna be permanently on my kit!!”

  • Steve phypers overtures
  • Steve phypers


    "Stageworks gear: quality, useful and compact! a permanent part of my kit"

  • Tony Liotta tony
  • zac hanson


  • sam kennedy

    Sam Kennedy

    "It looks good, stays put, and makes my setup on any stage fast, reliable and manageable"

  • Andrea Marongiu

    Andrea Marongiu
    Independent /
    Crystal Fighters

    "I've been waiting for the StageWorks Mat for a long time! I can finally enjoy playing drums on any kind of surface. Glass, Ceramic, Wood… you name it! And yes, It really works! Also, The Rimma is pretty cool, I use it vertically along the floor tom and it always catches my sticks for me… easy."