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    London Acoustic Guitar Show

    We will be exhibiting at this year's London Acoustic Guitar Show on 13th & 14th September. Come a long and say hi. We are on stand D6. http://www.londonacousticguitarshow.com/

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It Works!

What is it?

The Rimma® is a stick holder designed to fit onto the hoop/rim of a bass drum.

What does it do?

The Rimma® sits on top of the bass drum hoop in front of the drummer providing easy access and quick release of sticks while playing. The grip plates hold two sticks securely in place.

How does it work?

The specially designed clamp hooks underneath the bass drum hoop and metal rim of the drum skin eliminating unwanted swivel movements (ie.left and right.) The rod of the clamp passes through the grip plate holding the Rimma® in position on the drum hoop. Anti-roll legs provide extra stabilisation. The clamp fits various sized hoops and can be tightened using a drum key.

Interchangeable grip plates

Change the plates to suit your stick choice:

  • Grip plate 1 - Suitable for smaller sticks ie. 7A,5A
  • Grip plate 2 - Suitable for larger sticks ie. 5B,2B

You can change access to each stick by sliding them forwards and backwards to suit your own reach.


  • Patent appied for : GB1005887.3
  • Product Design Registration Numbers : 4016220/4016221/4016222/4016223

Product Videos

  • Watch The Video
  • Watch The Video

I just know that it's gonna be permanently on my kit!!

Robin Guy, Sack Trick, Bruce Dickinson, Rachel Stamp

Handy and easier to access and use than any other stick holder.

Chelsey Bamford, Craig David

I have never found a good
place to put my sticks.
The Rimma® is the perfect
solution, it looks wicked too!

Jackson Ellis Leach , Sophie Ellis Bextor Band

the rimma®

(Limited Edition Box Set)

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