• London Acoustic Guitar Show

    London Acoustic Guitar Show

    We will be exhibiting at this year's London Acoustic Guitar Show on 13th & 14th September. Come a long and say hi. We are on stand D6. http://www.londonacousticguitarshow.com/

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It Works!

The Revolutionary body-mounted guitar stand

The G-Stand® is a revolutionary guitar stand that attaches directly onto your acoustic / electro–acoustic guitar.

Unlike conventional guitar stands The G-stand® is fixed onto your guitar and remains attached to your guitar even while you play it!

Simply pull open the back the leg of the stand and your guitar is ready for you to put it down exactly where you want it!

Universal Locking Mechanism

The G-stand's universal locking mechanism enables it to be fixed without any modifications to your guitar.

You simply place The G-stand® onto the back of your guitar and lock it in place using the sliding plate which locks onto the central peg / strap lug of your guitar.

fitting instructions

See here for a video of how to fix the g-stand to your guitar

  • Ensure the strap lug / peg is securely fixed to your guitar
  • You will need a Philips Screwdriver to fit your G-stand®
  • Loosen screws on the base of the G-stand®
  • Slide back plate to open.
  • Place the G-stand® against the back of your guitar.
  • Fix the plate over the strap lug / peg of the guitar.
  • Slide the plate shut over the strap lug / peg & tighten the screws.
  • Caution: Do not overtighten the screws as this will put pressure on the lug which may pop out if overtightened.


  • 3 alternate strap lugs. Perfect for right or left handed players
  • Pick holder for easy access to a pick while playing
  • Inner foam layer to protect your guitar from scratches
  • Slimline design. Does not get in the way while you play
  • No need to remove The G-stand® from the its guitar
  • Packs away easily into most gig bags
  • Invisible design. Guitar appears to 'float' on its own stand


The G-stand® is designed for most Acoustic and Electro-Acoustic Guitars – link to pdf.

Before attaching to your guitar ensure that your strap peg is securely fixed on your guitar.

See here for list of guitars that work with The G-stand®

ot suitable for electric guitars or bass guitars.

Not suitable for roundback acoustics (ie. Ovation). Some larger dreadnaught bodied guitars will also be too large for the G-stand®. Please check the list above or e-mail info@stageworksgear.com for further information.

Product Videos

See the G-Stand in action!

  • Watch The Video

Coming soon!

Stageworks is launching the G-Stand at the London Acoustic Guitar Show on the 10th and 11th of september.

Please come and check us and the products out on stand D9.

Great For:

Home Use
Open Mic


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Material: (body) xxx
Material (foam protection): neoprene foam
Made in China

Patent No (UK): GB 2 423 624
Patent Applied For: GB 1114450.8
Community Design No: 001290936-0001